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Life Grappling: How BJJ Benefits Young People

Intro: Teenagers BJJ

If you missed the news: BJJ is great for your body and mind! The internet is literally covered in articles about how it will transform your life, but what about the benefits for young people?

You can understand why a fun sport with a strong sense of community would attract interest, but BJJ is more than that. It’s key elements are actually great building blocks for life: physical activity, discipline, perseverance, respect, and camaraderie. So, signing up for classes before school ends means a head start in life… Basically, it makes sense that more and more young people, and their parents, are choosing BJJ.


An active body is key to a healthy lifestyle, and its never too early to get started. Yet, for many people free time is likely to mean screen time, and 9 in 10 Australians between 13-17 simply don’t move enough. For more info on this click here.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a fun sport that engages your body and mind for proven fitness results, and the impact on young people is huge! Benefits of regular exercise for children and teens include:

  • Promotes muscle and bone growth
  • Improved fitness and coordination
  • Lowers risk of disease
  • Improves mood. confidence and self-esteem.
  • Lowers you risk of developing depression
  • Can help treat depression.


The fact of the matter is life will present us all with challenges, but it is how we respond to them that counts.

BJJ provides a safe environment for young people to learn how to work for things, and about themselves. On the mats, you face challenges, respond and then learn how to keep going when things don’t go as planned. There’s no glitch in the game here, it’s not FIFA 20. You must show up and do the time.

BJJ builds discipline and perseverance.


People talk a lot about how BJJ builds character. It encourages respect, humility, courage, honour, and integrity. The formative years of our lives play an incredibly important role in determining who we are as adults, and SJJA can nurture the kind of adult you would like to be.

BJJ training teaches strong values, to face your problems head-on and to win or lose with grace.

Build Positive Friendships


Talking to strangers and making friends can overwhelm anyone, particularly teens. AWKWARD! Regular classes give young people a sense of community, and a second home away from the pressures of school.

Once you’re at the gym you can expect older practitioners and coaches to provide mentorship, and then classes full of peers with common interests. IE. Ice-breakers everywhere. And, if your dojo competes then a BJJ tournament is guaranteed to bond you for life.

For children and teens struggling with bullying the confidence that comes with regular BJJ training can be a lifesaver.

Brothers training together.


It’s a fact of life that family relationships aren’t always straight forward, but finding a positive activity to do together is always a good call. BJJ provides the structure to channel healthy competition between brothers, sisters, cousins, and parents. Hey, it worked for the Miyao brothers:

If you’re a parent who likes to get involved, then check out the SJJA family training programs.

Being a young person has never been harder. We all know this. The constant scrutiny of the digital age and the mountains of misinformation on the internet can make growing up a minefield. If you are interested in joining a supportive community that can get you moving, happy and ready for life check out the Kids and Teens Programs at SJJA:

And, take advantage of the many benefits of BJJ for young people!

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